The Kids Are Not Alright

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So, last night something I would have never expected popped up in my news feed. The local highschool would be closed today because the District Attorney released a potential school shooter from custody and back to his parents.


Apparently this kid had a gun in his backpack (of what kind, I don’t know, but this is MAGA country up here, and guns are everywhere) and apparently had a detailed list of student targets, including down to where each sat in each class at certain times. In his backpack at school.. ready to go.


Big kudos to the student who found out this kid’s plans and reported him to the cops. This sounded like it was going to actually happen, and wasn’t just an idle threat.

The reason I’m posting this (and partially doxing myself) is this town is tiny. This county is large but has hardly any people. It’s quiet and peaceful here for the most part (aside from the ubiquitous meth/opioid problems) and it just seemed like the school shooting problems in this country didn’t apply to us.


But they do. This is truly an epidemic, even down to the little podunk towns you never hear about. This won’t make national news, because why would it? Apparently this is happening on such a regular basis, it’s not even worth the time to report.

I don’t have kids, but my coworkers and friends do. One coworker has a nephew that had two classes with this kid and he still doesn’t know if he was one of the “X” marks on this kid’s detailed seating charts. That’s terrifying and a 14 year old kid should not have to deal with that.


The fact that the DA released this kid to his parent’s custody is just icing on the cake. They literally closed the school because this kid is potentially free to do something crazy a couple of days after he nearly shot up the school. That decision is baffling.

I don’t know what else to say about this, really, because what is the solution? Besides the one we all know will never happen (get rid of all the goddamn unnecessary guns) I guess better counseling of troubled kids? Mental health checks? How do you even start? Where do the resources come from when nobody wants to fund them with taxes?


It’s just heartbreaking.

In the immortal words of Uncle Milty:


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